The Corner Award was launched in 2016 as a way to say thanks and give something back to the industry that has been so good to us for so long. The annual award is dedicated to celebrating artists who are breaking the mould and making an impact with their music.

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The Corner Hotel is thrilled to reveal that the Northern Territory's very own busta rhyming Baker Boy is the recipient of the 2018 edition of its annual Corner Award!

Raised in the remote NT communities of Yurrwi and Maningrida, 21 year-old Danzal Baker, aka Baker Boy, raps in Yolngu Matha language representing his bloodlines. Baker Boy is known as a multi-talented, multi-lingual artist, working across rap, dance, acting and graffiti, and he hopes to inspire younger generations to embrace their culture and become leaders in their communities.


Recently Baker Boy has thrilled audiences, appearing on festival lineups the likes of Groovin’ The Moo, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Golden Plains as well as taken to the stage with Australian music legends Yothu Yindi following the incredible rework and release of their seminal track ‘Treaty.’

The Corner Award was launched in 2016 as a way to celebrate great Australian artists who are breaking the mould and doing exciting things with their music. The 2018 longlist is a testament to the diversity of the Australian music scene and the unique contribution that contemporary artists are making to a broad spectrum of genres across the country.

Inaugural recipient SAMPA THE GREAT played to a sold-out crowd in 2016 with Remi and Baro supporting. 2017 recipients, CABLE TIES, hosted the Cable Ties Ball complete with a lineup of incredible artists Miss Blanks, Habits, The Dacios, Eat-Man, Simona, Miss Destiny and more to a sold-out crowd.

Experts from different facets of the music industry were invited to come together and curate a list of innovative artists, rather than selection via an arduous application process. The Brains Trust delved into their vast musical knowledge, frequent show attendance and understanding of the current Australian music scene to choose and support artists that are doing exciting things.

For me the Corner Award added more to my repertoire because it’s a prestigious new award. It moved me away from the realm of just an underground artist putting me into the realm of a more professional artist.
— Sampa The Great (2016 Corner Award Recipient)



  • A headline show at the Corner Hotel (including production & promotion)

  • Pressing of 150 copies of a limited edition 7” vinyl single

  • A cash cheque of $2000

  • Pre-production time at Bakehouse Studios prior to the show

  • $1000 towards artwork costs from Mushroom Publishing

  • 2 week poster run from Plakkit

  • Full page ad package from Beat

  • 50 free tshirts from Sound Merch


  • 3 full off peak rehearsal sessions (6 hours) at Bakehouse Studios – all backline & storage included.

  • Portrait session with Ian Laidlaw


Helen Marcou – Bakehouse Studios, SLAM

Jacinta Parsons – ABC Local Radio

Kate Duncan - The Push

Lauren Taylor – RRR FM

Linda Bosidis – Mushroom Publishing


Anna Northeast, Jason Moore, Sally Mather & Vaughan Quinn from Corner Hotel