The Corner Award was launched in 2016 as a way to say thanks and give something back to the industry that has been so good to us for so long. The annual award is dedicated to celebrating artists who are breaking the mould and making an impact with their music.



Delve into the minds of our Corner Award shortlist artists with our ‘8 With The Top 8’ questionnaire!

Hello! Firstly, congrats on making this year’s Corner Award shortlist.

Basics first, how long have you been performing as *artist* and how did it all get started?

I’d say I’ve been performing as an artist for about 2.5 years now. Newcastle was the first show I had ever played. It was only about 10 people in the room who were my friends however I was so excited to be stepping onto a stage performing tracks that I have made. My manager is quite active in the Newcastle scene so she was able to book my a show there!

Can you tell us about your most recent release, what inspired it?

‘STOP KNOCKIN’ @ MY DOOR!’ Is the latest release as well as the first single taken from my third extended play. I’ve always been a huge fan of sampling; in fact chopping samples had me learning how to produce! The song represents a long awaited response, something I had been meaning to get off my chest for some time now! Essentially the meaning of the song speaks for itself in the title, I do things how I want, when I want. This is the direction I’ve been trying to move in for so long, anyone can relate to this feeling when people tend to box you into one particular style whether it’s music, fashion, art all the above. The track is almost like a cleanser, filtering out bystanders and those trying to hold me down.

What’s your writing process like? Do you start with lyrics, music.. a beat?

My writing process always begins with instrumentals. Before writing lyrics I was a producer first which makes sense as to why that’s my first instinct, you’ve always gotta have a beat to get you moving! Some days I could start with lyrics and that can help create the beat. When writing it’s always based on how I’m feeling in that exact moment, I use those moments to reflect and reminisce on those times as well as giving my outlook on those times and future thoughts.

How do you push through the ol’ writers block when it strikes?

The best way to push through a writers block is to literally step away, don’t over do it! D.O.T.S (DON’T OVER THINK SHIT!)

What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

My favourite aspect of performing live in that emotional connection with the audience! The intensity of being immersed in the music creating a moment that can literally never be created again and sharing it with others makes me want to perform forever!

It still trips my mind whenever I see people recite my lyrics because it takes me back to those times when I was first writing those lyrics in my bedroom and to know hear rooms filled with people screaming them and knowing them word for word, I’ll literally never get over that!

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to as a punter?

The best show I’ve ever witnessed thus far was back in 2014 when I saw Kanye at Qudos Bank Arena for his ‘Yeezus Tour.’

The whole show he built for that tour was AMAZING, the visuals, the movement, the arrangement of his songs were remarkable and set the bar for me to reach in my performances.

Has there been a moment that has made you stop and think “yeap, this is where I need to be, I’m doing the right thing” throughout your career?

It was right from the beginning of starting out, the moment I had fallen in love with making music was when I said to myself, this is what I need to be doing. I need to create a culture for the world.

What advice would you give to budding musicians?

In an industry filled with snakes, literally be yourself and surround yourself around those who only want to motivate and inspire you. The music industry is dangerous. Just never look down, it’s an impossible view.